Finished work and now what? Graham & Linda, Accrington, Lancashire

Graham and Linda have been clients since 2012.

When we met, Graham had just sold his business, generating a lump sum which would be needed to support their lifestyle, as they moved from the saving to the spending phase of their life. Graham’s state pension was still six years away, whereas Linda had to wait another seven years because, like many women, Linda’s state pension age had been extended.

We established a plan from the start to meet every six months to ensure that our overall financial strategy was on track to meet their needs. Much has happened in that period both personally and in the world in general. These regular meetings, therefore, have enabled us to check we are up to date with their life and their plans. This also allows us to ensure their investments are working in conjunction with their spending and lifestyle needs.

Future capital expenditure is always discussed at each meeting, not least to check we are striking the right balance between long-term investments and cash-based savings. Graham and Linda are now closer to their state pension ages, which means we can revisit the overall plan again soon and adjust it accordingly.

The financial forecast software forms an important part of our review meetings, as does Graham’s thoughts on the current form of Accrington Stanley!

The most essential part of the process, however, is the trust Graham and Linda place in our advice, which makes our work a real joy!

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