“When can I retire?” Bill & Joyce, Darwen, Lancashire

We met Bill before he became a Ten Financial Planning client when we were advising members of a company pension scheme for a firm in the Ribble Valley.

We always discussed his plans for retirement and we knew that he was keen to retire as soon as he could. However, he was never sure if he and Joyce had enough in pensions and savings to do so.

Bill and Joyce became clients in 2014 and we introduced them to financial forecasting software, as part of our ongoing service. They explained what they wanted to do in retirement which included lots of travelling, bikes, camper vans and, of course, time with their family.

We then considered the practicalities; How much this was likely to cost? Could they afford to do it with what they had saved?

Using sensible assumptions, the software helped us to demonstrate their financial plan in a way they could both engage with. Happily, it showed that they did have enough and actually could retire when Bill felt the time was right.

We are delighted to say that this process gave them the confidence they needed.

Bill retired at the end of 2015 and hasn’t looked back!

We look forward to their annual reviews where they make us jealous with stories about their travels and what they have been up to!

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