Post retirement

We know from talking to our clients that the years after you finish work can be some of the most rewarding of your life.

However, there can be financial stresses and strains and a retirement plan can go a long way to alleviate your concerns.

You might find you need answers to some of these questions:

  • “Were the decisions I took when I retired the right ones?”
  • “Can I take more income from my pensions, savings and investments?”
  • “Should I be taking less income now to benefit from it later?”
  • “Will the money I have in my pensions be enough to last me until I die?”
  • “How much will I be able to leave to my loved ones when I die?”
  • “How much Inheritance Tax will my family pay when I die? Is there anything I can do to reduce it?”
  • “Can I afford to give money away now to my children / grandchildren if they need some help?”
  • “Are my investments in the right place?”
  • “How will inflation affect me? Will my income keep its value?”
  • “How much will my later life care cost? Do I have enough money to cover it?’
  • “Should I make a will?”
  • “Will my partner be ok if I die before they do?”

How we can help after you have retired

We believe that your main concern should be enjoying the lifestyle you always wanted when you retire. We  help remove the financial stress. The best thing about our job is giving our clients the confidence to fund the retirement lifestyle they have worked so hard for.

We help our clients to:

  • Build a a sustainable income withdrawal plan
  • Implement tax efficient income strategies
  • Ease concerns about long term care costs
  • Work out how much clients can leave as a legacy

We also offer an on-going service to help you keep moving in the right direction and to take care of any bumps in the road you may come across too. This gives our clients enormous peace of mind, knowing that the financial part of retirement is being taken care of.

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The value of advice

Evidence clearly shows the value of taking financial advice:

  • found that based on a £100,000 pension fund, people who take advice save on average £98 more per month and are £3,654 better off each year in retirement
  • The International Longevity Centre: The Value of Financial Advice Report, July 2017, found that people who work with a financial adviser boost their assets by an average of £41,099
  • Research from Dunstan Thomas shows that people who take financial advice are 39% better off in retirement

You can learn more about the value of financial advice by clicking here.

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